What Makes a Successful Club?

David, Dan and Shirly McCarthy founded the McCarthy Group in 2012 and have since built a fitness empire across New Zealand with fourteen successful Snap Fitness clubs. Through their agile and family-oriented approach, the McCarthy group have found the perfect formula for a successful club.

Holly from Snap Fitness Henderson has five years of experience with the Snap Fitness team, moving to the McCarthy Group in New Zealand from Australia when her husband was offered work across the ditch.

Through her hard work and commitment, Holly was soon given the opportunity to become Club Manager, a position she has now held for three years, growing the Henderson location by creating a tight knit community amongst its members.

Holly has shared her insight into what makes a successful club to offer other franchise owners, managers and teams help to take their club to the next level.

Build a positive culture from the inside out

From the beginning, Holly has found her experience with the McCarthy group to be driven by passion and a positive internal culture that focuses good practice and support from the top down.

For Holly, it’s the resources provided beyond the gym equipment that make Snap Fitness such a wonderful place to work.

“We’re never on our own as staff members. We have such a strong support structure around us. From my area managers to my general manager and then to all of the other clubs that reach out and talk to each other. The Snap Fitness community extends well beyond the Henderson location,” she explained.

“I love Snap Fitness for the culture we have and the community presence within the gym. The members are always put first, and the structures are put in place for them to succeed and achieve their goals.”

Supporting internal growth, a family-like workplace and a second home for their team, Holly says it’s a genuine love for the job that keeps their team punching high.

“The defining moment for Snap Fitness Henderson throughout my three years with the team has been treating the facility as if it’s my own. For those who work there, it becomes like a second home and that’s how you make a successful club. We live and breathe every single moment of the gym together.”

When you say community, mean it

The sense of community Holly feels between her colleagues is easily transferred onto their members, who work together (through a little bit of competitiveness) to help each other achieve their goals.

“Community goes beyond just exercising at the same location. When you walk into the club its more than just a smile and “hello” – it’s a high-five (pre-social distancing) or a check-in around a member’s most recent goals. Its about adding value beyond the gym equipment,” said Holly.

“New gyms are always going to open up and have the latest equipment, but it’s not the equipment that makes the gym, it’s the community you forge within that gym that makes it what it is.”

With such a tight knit community, it’s no surprise that the supportive environment at Henderson extends beyond the gym. During lockdown, Holly, her team and their members connected online to stay updated with everyone’s goals and provide support and motivation during what has been a difficult time for many.

Success looks different for everyone

The Snap Fitness team approach fitness on a personal level – there is no one-size-fits-all standard. Through her experience, Holly has found the best way to help her members succeed at their goal is learn about what drives them to come to the gym.

“Connecting with members at the club is about remembering their ‘why’, whether it be their ‘me time’ or whether they’re working towards some sort of competition, remembering their ‘why’ will always keep you connected to them,” said Holly.

Snap Fitness also attacks health from all angles, touching on mental and spiritual health, member’s social and family lives as well as their physical wellbeing. The all-encompassing approach allows the Snap team members to provide advice with the overall goal of making members feel supported – whatever their journey.

Judgement free zone

Having experienced firsthand the intimidation of exercising in unwelcoming clubs and the impacts this can have on your health and fitness experience, Holly explained, “I wanted to create an environment that was a no judgement gym.”

“I personally know what it’s like to walk into a gym and feel judged and unwelcome, so the most important thing for me and for our team is to create an environment where it doesn’t matter what you look like or who you are, when you come into that gym, we support you, make you feel welcome and safe.”

For the Henderson team, it’s about getting the most out of their members so that they can see results. Holly clarified, “It doesn’t matter your ethnicity, age, if you’re a body builder or a competitor or athlete – everyone will train together and help each other out – that’s what community is about.”

“Our gym is very much so about family – we have all walks of life come through our doors and everyone is accepted for who they are,” she said.

Each Snap Fitness club is unique for it’s own wonderful reasons and the incredible community that surrounds them. If you’re driven by an active lifestyle and want to bring out the best in people through your own business, find out more here:

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