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Not many people are able to combine their hobby with their day job. At Snap Fitness your passion for health and wellness can be transferred into your dream career with the opportunity to take control of your own franchise businesses. Snap Fitness Papamoa and Oamaru Franchisee and National Franchise Manager Chris Shearer is the perfect example of transforming his enthusiasm for health and fitness into a prosperous career.

Chris’ journey with Snap Fitness began as a Club Manager nine years ago selling memberships at his local franchise. From here his love for the network grew, developing skills as a fitness professional and managing the sales of franchises nationally.  The professional development opportunities lead to a role in New Zealand’s head office, all while Chris launched two of his own successful clubs.

We spoke to Chris about why he believes Snap Fitness is the best place to advance your career in the health and fitness industry.

Members drive our passion

One of Snap Fitness’ key differentiators is prioritising members. Chris believes that this ‘ethos’ is the most rewarding part of owning his clubs.

“It’s the smiles we get to see on our member’s faces every day. Knowing that they are leaving their local club feeling better then when they came in is the most rewarding part of the job for my team,” he said.

“Putting customers in a better mood gives me the satisfaction of helping to improve people’s lives and is what makes me excited to come to work every single day.”

Chris implements a community-based approach at both his club’s.

“Bringing our community of members together starts with us – the staff. Choosing the right attitude in the gym and being leaders within the space is pivotal. We host community-based events such as weekend bootcamps, fundraising events and challenges to unite the club and brings the community culture to a new level.”

Success driven from strategy

A successful franchise comes down to an effective business strategy and the right team. Chris believes choosing likeminded staff and managers is crucial to each club’s success.

“The key to success is to nail our 101 operational fundamentals – it’s the little things that make a great experience. This is everything from the one-on-one interactions with our members, our hello’s and goodbye’s on the floor, and having really good time management structures within our operation,” Chris says.

Each club develops such strategies to create a personalised experience that the members know is iconic to Snap Fitness, while also remaining unique to their local club.

“We often receive feedback on this strategy – members love to feel uplifted by our smiley staff. We find it’s the little things that round out our positive community”.

There’s no ‘I’ in team

Differentiating themselves from their competitors, Snap Fitness focus on the happiness of their employees, knowing that positivity radiates throughout the club.

“The best thing about Snap Fitness is the people. We’re so lucky to be in the service industry and be able to influence people’s lifestyles, but the people are what really gives the clubs a thriving culture and one to get out of bed for,” said Chris.

“I love the opportunity to connect with fellow staff, members, and community to drive and influence our community’s wellbeing.”

“It’s super inspiring and motivating to be around a team of likeminded people who are purpose driven and want to make a difference in people’s lives.”

Supported throughout the entire journey

The global Snap Fitness network provides a huge opportunity to learn – particularly from international markets such as the US and Japan.

“The support you receive from the head office team is incredible. We are equipped with the tools, structure and strategies to elevate the performance of our business,” said Chris.

As Chris has seen from his experience – the network is designed for longevity and growth. There is no quick fix when it comes to building the Snap Fitness brand – just a genuine passion for providing accessible fitness options.

“I’ve watched the Snap Fitness brand grow and develop to be innovators. Being part of this brand has allowed me to be part of that journey – and I’m excited to see what the future holds.”

“What I have taken away from it personally is to look at the areas that are unique to us and use that to uplift our local communities and make a really strong impact,” he said.

How do you run a successful club?

Throughout Chris’ nine years of success, he’s learnt some valuable lessons when it comes to supporting the team to drive a thriving and fulfilling franchise.

“Working together for a successful outcome starts with our why – why do we exist? What is most important to us? And where are we going? Sitting down together as a team and working through this out unites and drives us forward,” he said.

“The biggest piece of advice I can give to other Franchisees is to be connected. This means being present with your staff, team and members, and really going that extra mile. Staying hungry for progression and growth, and always seeking key areas of improvement will help the longevity of your business.”

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