Take Your Fitness Career to the Next Level

2020 has offered its share of disruption, but in the face of uncertainty, many Australians have taken the leap into a new career path or business venture.

Snap Fitness Redcliffe Franchisee Annaliese Carter has 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry and learned first-hand the benefits of climbing the ranks and taking the leap, currently a successful Snap Fitness Franchise owner.

Annaliese started in the fitness industry at the tender age of 17 as a personal trainer. Following her love for health and exercise, she was dedicated to learning and growing as a fitness professional. As she gained experience, Annaliese’s expertise pushed her into management roles, where she landed herself a position managing her local Snap Fitness club.

Before long, she set becoming a business owner as her next challenge in the industry. Annaliese took the leap and became a franchisee in the Snap Fitness network in 2016.

“When I was weighing up my options and selecting a network that would suit me best, it was clear that where Snap Fitness stood in the industry was very strong,” said Annaliese.

“I’m a naturally competitive person, so I wanted a brand that stood out to the consumer and was as strong as I felt. As I was still growing into my fitness passion and journey, I needed to find a brand that would mirror my passion and journey – Snap Fitness was an easy choice. They were able to offer the flexibility I needed as the owner of a fitness brand.”

Annaliese’s infectious energy and enthusiasm for her business is undeniable.

“I love being an owner – my favorite thing is really knowing my members and the community and doing what I can give to help my members and team become the best they can be,” she said.

“The Snap Fitness team ethos is strongly reflected in my club.”

Annaliese believes this ‘ethos’ is how the network was able to come out of the pandemic on top.

“2020 has been a struggle, but our network has definitely come out stronger on the other end. I think that was a result of us banding together – our clubs and head office working together to make sure our network came out stronger for it,” said Annaliese.

Annaliese believes this sentiment is echoed in the network’s collaborative approach with their franchisees all year round.

“The support we receive from the Lift Brands head office is fantastic. It’s easy to reach out and have a chat about whatever concerns we have,” she said.

“They’re very hands-on and always willing to lend a hand and assist wherever needed.”

When it comes to the global franchise network, Annaliese believes the teammate mentality drives the desire to achieve as one, saying “the stronger we can be together, the more effective and successful our brand can be.”

As for the members, Annaliese is always working to make her impact on the Snap Fitness Redcliffe community.

“At the end of the day, when I go home and I leave the club, I weigh up the success of my day depending on how many people I help. How many lives I could change and how many people I made smile today – it’s what drives me forward for the next day.”

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