Snap Fitness Roma Brings City Gym Features to Country Living

After selling a franchise business they’d been running for 20 years, Justin and Wendy Garvie spotted a gap in their local market – Roma was in need of a great gym.

After researching their options and assessing the needs of the town, the Garvies landed on Snap Fitness as their number one choice.

“We researched a few different franchises, but we found Snap was the right one for us and our town, it has great facilities and we love the attitude – it’s about building a community atmosphere,” said Wendy.

Since taking on Snap Fitness Roma, the couple have built a network of 5 clubs, mainly in regional locations. Recognised for their hard work, dedication and community spirit, the couple were recently awarded the brand’s CEO ONETEAM Award.

A Healthy Lifestyle

Justin and Wendy were always interested in health and fitness, Justin a football player in a previous life, but they’ve grown even more passionate now that they’re able to share the benefits of a healthy lifestyle with others.

“It’s been a bit of a revolution in Roma I think, we’ve really been able to encourage people to assess their health and fitness and get into the gym,” said Justin.

They’re also seeing the health benefits of owning a gym themselves.

“I’ve been passionate about the fitness industry, but since joining Snap Fitness I love it even more,” said Wendy.

“I was never a regular gym-goer but now that it’s my business, I’m much more active and motivated to workout!”

The Secret to Success

Justin said running a successful gym was about being able to provide great facilities, modern equipment and excellent service.

“People in a country town want the same level of standards you can get in a city, and when you can deliver that they show their appreciation with loyalty. Little things like TVs in the cardio equipment, functional areas, regular group fitness classes – they all add up to create a holistic experience,” said Justin.

The couple say the key to building a strong business in regional locations is to build a strong connection with the local community.

“Whether we’re at the gym or seeing people around town, we are big advocates of getting to know everyone and getting involved in the community,” said Justin.

“We sponsor local sporting clubs, we’re active on social media, we’re getting involved in schools – just really getting in and supporting locals.

Parents of four children, Justin and Wendy have some sage advice for anyone considering entering the world of franchising.

“Having a franchise is a lot like having a child, it needs a lot of care and attention, but if you can provide that then generally you’ll have a good business,” said Wendy.

For more information about Snap Fitness, or to register your interest in a Snap Fitness franchise, visit their website.

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